About me

by alex
About me

You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.

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Hello and thank you for taking interest in me and my blog!

I am Alexandra but on the Internet I am also known as Alex Syberia. The name Alex Syberia (not Siberia) is actually a nickname. My nickname‘s story began many years ago when I decided to create a special project for my friend and I had to attach my logo tag. In the past, one of my hobbies was playing computer games and one of my favorite games was ‘Syberia’. It’s a story about a young New York lawyer, is dispatched to deal with the sale of a former automaton factory hidden in Western Europe. She never thought that this task, as simple as it seemed, would change her life forever… an extraordinary journey that takes her all the way from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia… and Syberia is a mythical island somewhere in Russia… I was very inspired by this game and decided to take “Alex Syberia” as my nickname.

That story is something that’s very close to me because card making is changed my life!

I love art, design, traveling, and I like to read detective stories,too. The art of creating has always amazed me that’s the reason why I absolutely love to create things. I believe that a handmade gift is far more appreciated than something bought at a store. Whenever you create something, you want it to be totally unique and one of a kind.
I always loved handmade and crafty things and tried all kinds of hobbies from jewellery making to bookbinding until I’ve discovered and felt in love with the beautiful world of card making.

In card making I try different styles and my own style continues to develop. I love using bright and bold colors because they enhance your happy emotions for the day! I adore floral designs, watercolors and Copic markers. My passion for this hobby has been growing so much. That’s why in July 2018 I started this blog as a place to share my creations.

I hope that my projects can bring joy and inspire others in their creativity. I am very active on Instagram so be sure to follow me there for the latest updates.

If you would like to partner with me, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Be creative and don’t forget to dream! Happy crafting and have fun!


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