Shoes can change your life | A Cinderella story | Be Girly Digi Stamp

by Tina Wilstrup

Hello everyone! It’s Tina here, and today I’m sharing a true fairytale dream card with you!
I mean, can we just take in all that glitter for a minute 😍
I used the Be Girly stamp, and I actually modified the stamp a bit. I continued the sole to the tip making these open toe stiletto’s. It really was just a matter of adding 2 lines.
I went back and forth with this card. First I planned to use lots of glitter. But I didn’t want to leave the bow uncolored, as I wanted to see the shadows and highlights of the beautiful design. Once I had colored them though, I almost didn’t have the heart to cover all those details.
Luckily I had printed it out twice for layers, so I colored the bows once more and decided to add glitter to those. I cut off the “underside” of the bows, since you wouldn’t see the glitter on the inside fold.
I used just a few Copic markers:
BG49, BG15, BG23, G00
100, C7 / C5, C3, C1
I decided on WOW! Sparkles Your carriage awaits (FYI the Sparkles are glitter, NOT embossing powder).
To adhere it to the fuzzy cut bows I used bonding powder. Now, bonding powder and I do not get along very well, I really struggle with it. It simply cools too quickly for me and the glitter doesn’t stick, ACK!
So my first try left almost nothing but a glossy layer on the bows. 2nd try I did what Marion from WOW! does – pressed the glitter into the bonding powder while it was still warm.
Honestly, when I realized that ALL the glitter had stuck I almost cried. I felt it was way too much. I really wanted to see those shadows and highlights, which is not the case on these. And for a minute I considered not using them.
But in the end I decided that this sentiment (which I created in Word btw) needed a pair of shoes that would stand out and make themselves seen. And I even added a few gems, as if the card wasn’t already glittery enough, lol.
Anyway, I for one would definately wear these. And maybe I’d feel a bit like Cinderella….
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay safe, and happy crafting.

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