Bright Plumerias

by Tina Wilstrup
Hello everyone! It’s Tina here with a bright Plumeria card. The digital Plumeria stamp was released last summer and you can find it here.
Plumerias – or Frangipani – are not only my favorite flowers in the whole world. They’re so special to me because I have such fond memories where they play a big role. For example, on a trip to Thailand I would put a flower behind my ear every night when we went out for dinner. And the scent would completely intoxicate me – in a good way of course – the whole evening. That’s how scented they are. And it’s the most beautiful scent you can imagine. Well, in my opinion anyway.
Now, there are other Plumeria stamps available out there, but what I absolutely love about Alex’s stamp – other than the obvious realistic abundance of flowers – is that the leaves are proportionally accurate.
Unfortunately the cooler climate here in Denmark is no match for Plumerias. I’ve tried planting seeds with no luck. I’ve brought home stems and they actually were OK for a while. They had leaves, but it was just never warm enough for them to bloom 😌 In the end spider mites killed them and my dream of growing one here burst.
With the immense range of colors they come in there are so many options as to how to color them. Pretty much any color will work. However, I went for the one I know best, even if bright yellow Copic combos scare me, haha.
I did use an untraditional marker for shading the middle of the flowers. Can you guess which? No peeking.
Copics used:
G17, G14, YG13, YG01, YG0000
Y17, Y08, Y06, Y02, Y00 and…
For the background I did a simple Oxide ink blend of Twisted citron and Lucky clover with dark green and black splatter.

And now – for shading the flowers I used BV00. Did you get it right?

Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for stopping by!
Stay safe and happy crafting!

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